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‘Spot It, Stop It’

The fraud awareness campaign “Spot It, Stop It” has been launched in Avon and Somerset targeting doorstep, phone and online scams.The campaign, a Home Office initiative supported by Avon and Somerset Police and Neighbourhood Watch, has been developed following input from local people across the force area.

The crime prevention advice for the campaign focuses on three key rules – making decisions in your own time, checking people are who they say they are, and not sharing personal information.

Visit for straightforward advice on how you, your family and neighbours can protect themselves from fraud.

Please help us spread the word. If you would like any crime prevention leaflets, door stickers or posters email

Spotting and stopping fraudsters:


Make decisions in your own time

  • Obtain at least three written quotes and references before having any work done
  • Genuine callers won’t mind coming back in a day or two so that you can make independent checks
  • If a caller refuses to leave your doorstep contact the police

Check people are who they say they are

  • Check a company is trustworthy by making independent checks, such as calling the National Consumer helpline or Action Fraud
  • Check a caller is a genuine employee by calling the company on a number you’ve looked up independently. Don’t use the number they provide on their ID badge
  • Telephone fraudsters can stay on the line after you hang up. Wait at least 10 minutes or use a different line to make any other calls


Don’t share your personal information

  • Personal information includes: financial details, your full name, date of birth, address and travel plans
  • Always destroy documents containing your details after use


Report fraud to 0300 123 2040 /

  • If you are concerned and the caller is still in the area call 999

Mr Draper, Wentwood Nurseries, Ram Hill

Many people will be interested to learn of the recent death of Mr Maurice
Draper of Wentwood Nurseries, Ram Hill at the age of 89.
Mr Draper had been producing salad crops at the Nursery for more than 40
years, at first commuting from Bristol then living at Wentwood. He was
particularly known for his tomatoes which he supplied to many outlets in
Bristol and South Gloucestershire. But local people will remember calling at
Wentwood Nurseries to purchase tomatoes straight from the greenhouse.
In later years as tomatoes became less profitable he grew bedding plants which
he supplied to local garden centres as well as to individual callers.
Mr Draper had been in poor health for some time but had enjoyed chatting to
passers by and visitors.
The funeral will be at 2.30 on October 29th at Canford Crematorium.