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Westerleigh United Charities

Are you, a relative or a neighbour may be eligible for a payment from the Charities.

What is it?

The Trustees of Westerleigh United Charities administer funds which have been bequeathed to the Parish by a number of benefactors since the seventeenth century.

Every June, the Trustees make an annual distribution from the interest on these funds to those people in the Parish, usually elderly, who are needy and for whom a little extra helps.

Westerleigh United Charities may also make small one off grants to deserving young people under the age of 21, who live in the parish of Westerleigh and who are entering into apprenticeships or training, to assist with the purchase of books, tools or equipment.

Who can apply?

You have to live in the Parish of Westerleigh and have done so for a minimum period of 3 years. For the annual grant, you should be a pensioner or have a disability and need a little extra to help you manage. For the one off grant, you should be under 21 and need a little extra to help you with the purchase of books, tools or equipment.

How do I apply?

If you would like more details or you wish to receive an application form, you can contact the Clerk to the Charities:

Colin Hawkins, 1 Rushton Drive, Coalpit Heath, Bristol BS36 2PJ or telephone 01454 776378.

The next closing date for applications is 30 April 2015.

Area Forum – investigation into further traffic calming in Westerleigh

The investigation into further traffic calming measures on Westerleigh Road between the railway bridge and Broad Lane and on Shorthill Road was chosen (at the latest Area Forum meeting) as one of the investigation schemes.

This means that the investigation will be carried out in the 2015/16 financial year and the outcome will then go on the list for consideration for funding at the Area Forum this time next year.

Frome Vale Area Forum – 5th March 15 Shireway Community Centre Yate

The next meeting is on Thursday 5th March at 7pm in Shireway Community Centre, Yate. Items on the agenda include a presentation from Avon Fire and Rescue raising awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning, decisions on community and New Homes Bonus (NHB) grants and consideration of youth funding. We will also be deciding which highway schemes are a priority. Possibilities from this Parish include the Henfield Road traffic calming proposals and the investigation scheme for further measures in Westerleigh. The May meeting has been stood down because of the elections, so the following meeting will be in July.