Public Participation at Council Meetings

Firstly the Parish Council asks ALL those attending a council meeting to add their name to the Attendance List 

There is an option to supply contact details and consent for the Clerk to contact you should you wish to receive information

If you wish to speak at a Council meeting:-

Please contact the Clerk on or by phone prior to the date of the meeting itself or at the latest just before the start of the meeting, if you wish Council to discuss a particular issue to ensure the item in question is on the agenda.

At the appropriate agenda item you will be invited to comment/discuss the agenda item but you do not have the facility to vote on any resolutions

If you merely want to report a matter to Council, such as a pothole in the road, then please report this matter directly to the statutory responsible body, for example South Gloucestershire Council.  The Parish Clerk can advise you on who to contact.

A question asked by a member of the public during public participation at a meeting shall not require a response or debate.