Parishioners & Planning

All Planning Applications affecting land or properties in Westerleigh Parish have to be submitted to South Gloucestershire Council. 

Residents can find the documents for all Planning Applications by typing a postcode or street address into the search box on the planning page and this is also where any resident can add a comment which South Gloucestershire planning will consider when making their decision.
Click on this link to go there:

As soon as SGC start the application process they notify Westerleigh Parish Council and give 21 days for the Parish Council to make any comments.

The Parish Council response may also include representing the views of residents of the Parish so there may be occasions when one or more residents also wish to contact the Parish Council to make their thoughts known, as well as telling South Glos. 
If this happens it is now more important than ever that you get in touch with the Parish Council quickly.  This is because SGC have slightly changed the process and members of the public are no longer able to speak at a site visit which may take place further down the line.

You should contact the Parish Council by email or phone, and if you wish you can arrange to speak briefly at the start of a  Parish Council meeting to make your views known.  This also applies if you are submitting a Planning Application to SGC and wish to explain any special reasons to the Parish Council as well.

We will not list every application here, however when there are important or contentious applications we will do our best to put a link on this page to the application details on the SGC website. 

Each agenda for a Parish Council meeting lists planning applications to be discussed at that particular meeting.

You can contact the Parish Clerk on or by phone on 07530 312700


December 20th 2018 – BLACKBERRY PARK/WOODLANDS FARM – More information issued – Reserved Matters are on the planning portal at

Deadline for comments is January 19th 2019