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Summer 2021

Bitterwell Lake is once again fully open as a Fishing Lake and recreational area for the public, subject to notices regarding fishing competitions closing certain sections on occasions (less than once a weeek).  Dogs MUST be kept on a lead at all times.  Please take your litter home – “Leave Nothing But Footprints”

You will notice that the Parish Council have had to install Otter Fencing, and whilst not ideal, this is to protect the fish and fishing after otters started to predate the fish.  These new otter gates will be open during Lake opening times.

For more information on fishing or coaching, contact our Lake Manager Paul on either 07717 131438 or 07407 657429 or by email

For any other matters please contact the Parish Clerk on


Update on Bitterwell Chalet – October 2020

Following the support of local residents, and anglers Westerleigh Parish Council has been able to update Bitterwell Chalet as the new home for the Manager of the lake and his family.


 Residents permits

If you live within the Parish Council boundary (shown on your Council Tax bill) you are entitled to a free fishing permit for Bitterwell Lake but for one rod only. A second rod will be charged at a lower price daily ticket. To apply for a permit please  apply to the Parish Council.  Information is shown on the application form Fishing-Permit-Application-Form.

Please send a self addressed envelope with a stamp on when you send your application.


 For matters regarding Fishing contact Lake Manager Paul on either 07717 131438 or 07407 657429 or

For any other matters about Bitterwell Lake contact the owners – Westerleigh Parish Council via the Clerk or at

Note that children under the age of 16 years will not be admitted or permitted to fish unless accompanied by an adult in possession of a permit for that child.

Important announcement:

From Sunday September 1st 2019 Bitterwell Lake has a new Fishery Management team led by Paul Isaacs. Paul can be contacted on 07407 657429

Please see the Notice Board at the Lake for more information



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