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Message from the group:

Please continue to help us spread the word about the Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath COVID19 Community Support Group to people in the community who may need support.

Whilst many of us are now experiencing an increased freedom from the restrictions imposed by the height of lock-down, we are very aware that for many this has not changed. If you feel that the Frampton and Coalpit COVID19 Support Group can lend any support to your organisation, practise or members then please contact us. We continue to provide basic but vital support to many people in both Frampton Cotterell, Coalpit Heath and surrounding areas.

Our group was established just before lock-down with the ethos of “Helping you to help your neighbour” during the COVID-19 crisis. We still have over 230 volunteers who are supporting their neighbours with activities like essential food shopping, phone conversations and collecting prescriptions. If you are one of those volunteers or have supported our group in other ways thank you.

We have a concern that there may be people who are still unsure on how to access help or their circumstances have changed. Perhaps they overlooked the leaflet or didn’t realise at the time that they would need help. We are keen to make sure that everyone who needs help can get it and would be incredibly grateful if you could help us do that. If you feel it appropriate, please forward this email to your mailing lists and text or ring your patients or members who may not have internet access to let them know our details? By working with you we hope to ensure that no one goes without. If at this point in time you do not wish to work with us, then please let us know but please feel free to come back to us if things change. If you wish to be a volunteer neighbour then please contact us below. If you want to know more please find us on Facebook or Email: or Tel: 07742604988. We advise that people in need should ring the number on the leaflet posted through their door. If this is unsuccessful then call the number on our poster. Please feel free to look us up on the Council Web Site in the list of Mutual Aid Groups Please also find link to the Community Hub Bristol and South Glos where you will find a wealth of useful information.