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LAST CHANCE – today is the deadline to return your survey form – deadline Monday July 18th 2022. You can complete it online (see link below) or post back the hard copy you will have received through your letterbox using the FREEPOST envelope.

Do you live in Westerleigh or have a connection to the village and want to move here? If so, then please complete the Westerleigh Housing Needs survey.

Westerleigh Parish Council is undertaking an independent Housing Needs Survey to establish the number of households in the village, or with a local connection, that require housing within the next five years. This is so that the Parish Council understands the local requirements when developers come to us with applications.

If you live in the village, you will have received a copy of the survey in the post to complete, OR you can use the unique code on your paper copy to complete the online survey here –

The survey may also be completed by anyone who has moved away and would like to return to Westerleigh, or anyone who works within Westerleigh and would like to move to the village.

The deadline to return your survey is Monday 18th July 2022.