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It’s No Mow May– you don’t have to do much, just lock up your lawnmower for a month and let your lawn bloom! It’s one of the simplest ways you can help nature in your area. It’s also great for you – more insects means more pollination, better soil quality and more life in your plants and garden.

We are leaving the green space at Pansy Vale Westerleigh to flourish during No Mow May to give nature a bit of space. 

We hope you’ll join us in this collective mission to let the grass and flowers grow to boost the nectar available to help pollinating insects. We will continue cutting grass on our other parks and open spaces to make them accessible and safe.

No lawn? No problem! Plant some lavender or other pollinator friendly plants in pots to give passing insects a snack. No Mow May (

Taking part in #NoMowMay will also help you and your garden by:

  • Improving the health of your plants
  • Improving the quality of your soil
  • Helping to reduce some pests – some insects and their larvae feed on aphids, slugs and snails
  • Support other wildlife including birds, hedgehogs, slow worms, bats and frogs
  • Helping your lawn and wildlife cope with hot temperatures in summer