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About Grants to Local Organisations

The Parish Council’s grant scheme is intended to provide the financial support that will help to promote those community organisations active within the parish that work for the benefit of the residents.

Grants can be made to existing as well as newly formed organisations, but note that it is not possible to consider providing grants to national organisations not having a locally based group. Organisations must be properly constituted, non-profit and be able to demonstrate that their activity benefits Westerleigh residents.

Each application will be considered on its merits, and, because the budget is limited, grants will not necessarily be available on an annual basis. Applications are discussed and awarded at a Parish Council meeting as soon as practical after receipt of documentation.

An application form with full details of the supporting documentation required can be found here

Grant-Application-form 2021

 GRANT APPLICATION guidance notes 2021

Applications will be considered under the following categories:

Older People

Supporting the provision of opportunities for independent living and providing support and assistance where necessary.

Young People

Supporting a wide range of activities for young people and helping to meet their social, educational and leisure needs.

Arts & Culture

Supporting community involvement in local arts and cultural activities and promoting cultural services that benefit Westerleigh

Sports & Recreation

Supporting community participation in local sports and leisure activities and enabling clubs to develop and improve the sporting infrastructure.

Highways & Transport

Supporting access and sustainable transport schemes by community and voluntary groups.

Enhancing the Environment

Improving Westerleigh’s environment environmental resources by supporting schemes that improve the appearance of the parish. For example nature conservation, recycling schemes, planting and decorations.

Examples of the types of organisations who will be considered for grants include:

Charitable, Support and advice, Charitable Organisations, Pre-school Playgroups,  Youth Groups, Sports Clubs, Arts Groups, Advice Organisations                                        

If you have any questions, or need help in completing the application form, please contact the Parish Clerk:

Clerk to the Council

Westerleigh Parish Council


Grants may also be available from South Gloucestershire Council:

See AWG A5 Flyer

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